Brand New Features Launched Today!

We’re delighted to announce a trio of new features based on popular demand!

Background Images: Add more personality to your overview page. 

Pick from a gallery or upload your own image. Try it now, by logging in to your bio, clicking EDIT and scrolling down to BACKGROUND IMAGE.

Analytics: See how many people have viewed your bio or clicked your visual email signature.   


To view yours, log in, click on the icon in the upper right corner. Email Sig is the first menu option. 

Better Mobile: Zippier and prettier!

As more and more web surfing is going mobile, we’ll happy to report your bio will look awesome on iPhone (including 5) and Android.

Psst, if you’re job hunting, we’ve heard from a number of recruiters that they are now looking up candidates on the run on their phone!

Dave, our Visualization Maven’s overview page:

Vizify overview page on mobile

Dave’s Activities page detailing his foursquare checkins:  

Activities page on mobile

What do you think?

Tweet the features you want to see next to @Vizify. Or email us: hello