Why Vizify wants your Social Media Permissions

Hi there! I’m Andrew, and I’m in charge of customer WOW here at Vizify. Like many people, I get a little nervous when a new service wants all sorts of permissions to access my social media profiles. I have a lot of sensitive information in there, and I don’t want just anyone to get their hands on it.

First and foremost, Vizify does NOT sell any customer information to third parties. We think your privacy is important, and we take it seriously! We’re committed to making you look awesome online, and there is nothing awesome about sorting through email spam. This post goes over what permissions Vizify asks for on our services, and why we ask for them.

The Short Version

Vizify wants to make you look great online. In order to do that, we need some information about you. We find your work history, educational history, places you’ve lived, photos you’ve taken, and tweets you’ve tweeted, and use those to create an awesome personalized bio in a matter of moments. If Vizify grabs anything you’d rather keep private, you can always edit/remove/customize it any time you want!

Vizify also wants you to be able to share how awesome you look online. We want to give you the power to post links to your Facebook wall, or tweet about your new Bio on Twitter. Vizify will never ever post anything without you explicitly pushing a “Share” button. That’d be rude!

The Nitty-Gritty Stuff



Your Profile Overview

Vizify needs access to your profile overview to access basic information about you. We need your name, so we can put it at the top of the page, your photo, so that you’re not just some faceless avatar, and your current positions so that we can make a “Career” page for you.

Your Full Profile

Vizify wants to create a rich, full overview of our users. We’ll use your full profile to flesh out your “Career” page with previous jobs, and populate an “Education” page as well. We’ll also use information for your profile to create a “Locations” page showing places you’ve lived.

Network Updates

The Scary one. Vizify will never post anything you don’t want us to. Anytime you create an awesome page on your Vizify Bio, and want to share it with your Linked-In connections, you can do so using our built in “Share” button at the top-right of the screen. A window will pop up, you’ll be able to customize the message, and post to Linked-In. You’ll always have the opportunity to customize what you post, and you’ll always be the one in the drivers seat.



Read Tweets from your timeline

One of the coolest features from Vizify is the “Words” page of your bio. The words page shows the things your tweet about most often on twitter. In order to create that, we need to give our “Wizards” access to your tweets. We also have “Quote” pages, which pick out your most popular tweets, and make a stand alone page for them.

See who you follow, and follow new people

One of Vizify’s new and exciting products is ‘Connections' - an interactive graphic of your Twitter connections. In order to make this really cool page, we need to know who you follow! We don't suggest new people to follow, we think you're plenty good at making friends on your own!

Update your profile

Vizify gives you the option to set a link on your Twitter profile in certain cases, like when you create a #FollowMe video. We won’t set this without you telling us to do so. 

Post tweets for you

As with our other social services, Vizify is never going to post something without asking. We do, though, want you to be able to share how awesome you look, and we want that to be easy- you’ll be able to share pages from your bio right from our page. Anytime you are sharing from Vizify, you’ll have the opportunity to customize and personalize your message.



Your Basic Info

When you create a Vizify profile, we want to include as much info for you as possible. We use your Facebook info to create a robust profile!

Your email address

We do want to get in touch with you… honest! Vizify does not sell your email address to third parties!

Your profile info

This is the information we use to build the meat and potatoes of your profile. We’ll use this information to create a Career Page, an Education Page, a Location page and more!

Your Stories

We’ll use this access to grab photos to add some personality to your Vizify profile. Vizify may grab photos that you have marked “Friends Only” or Private, but you can change or remove these photos at any time.

Post on your behalf

Vizify will never ever ever post anything for you without you explicitly asking us to. We want you to be able to share how awesome your profile looks with everyone in your friends list, and you can with just the click of a button.

Access posts in your newsfeed

Vizify uses this info to help choose which photos we are pulling in. We want to pull in the most engaging, most popular photos and we do this by seeing how many comments and likes your photos get.



Vizify uses your FourSquare checkins to make this awesome bio page. We collate you check-ins to show off where you hang out!



Vizify uses access to your Instagram account to find awesome photos to include in your bio! We select the pictures with the most likes, comments and shares and use them to show you off online! You can also add new photo pages to your bio, or add a background image using photos you have posted on instagram.

Wrapping it All Up

While we understand how important control over social media platforms is, we hope you’ll let us help make you look awesome online with a Vizify Bio. If you have any concerns, feel free to get in touch with me at andrew(at)vizify.com

4 ways the new Vizify layout rocks.

Huh? New layout?
Yes! We just rolled out a brand new look to your overview (cover) page.

and see the new layout on your own bio

Why? To make it better. Here are 4 ways how the new look accomplishes that:

1. Custom Background Improvements
With wider margins, custom backgrounds really shine, letting more of the background peek through and taking full advantage of taller images. 

Old layout: image

New layout (showing above the fold):image

Pro-tip: Add a custom background by going to your overview, hitting Edit, then hitting the blue Background Image. Our gallery offers a selection of ready-to-use images. 

2. A bubble displayed for every page in your bio:
Whether your bio has 10 pages or 25, the new layout will show bubbles for EVERY page in your bio:

Old Layout: image

New Layout: image

Pro-Tip: Did you know you can show/hide or modify the content shown in your page bubble, by going to your overview page, clicking Edit, then the blue Edit Things on my Overview button at the bottom of the window? 

3) Bigger, Better Bubbles! 
Your Photos, Factoids & Quote page bubbles get bigger billing to put your content front and center. 

For instance, compare this quotes bubble:


4. You now have total control over the order in which bubbles appear on your overview.
Now, the order of the bubbles match the order of pages in your bio making it more intuitive and easier to browse. 

Pro-tip: Re-arrange the order of your pages (via the EDIT menu > “Arrange” tab) and the bubbles on the Overview automatically update to reflect the new page order.

NOW, Sign-in and see the new layout on your own bio 

Plus: read about the design process from our Creative Director. 

Comments? Questions?  See the new design FAQ or email:: hello(at)vizify.com

A word from our Creative Director

From the very beginning, Vizify’s mission has been to make people look great online, and in our first year we’ve learned a lot from bio holders about what that means to them. Now, I’m excited to announce that we’ve begun rolling out some changes and enhancements that will improve the experience for our bio-holders and viewers alike. 

What’s changing? 

The biggest evolution is to your overview, where we’ve introduced a grid system (an underlying structure which dictates the layout of page elements) that makes surveying your information here easier. We’re also showing summaries of all of your pages here, organized in page order, so sorting what’s most important to you becomes a snap. 

Additionally, we’ve simplified the look and feel of navigation and design elements throughout to work with your content more seamlessly and to be easier to use. We think that it’s a much more enjoyable way to experience the best of you. 

Want to see what these changes are for yourself? Get more info here.

Why the change?

As you’ve told us, nobody knows how to make you look good better than you. By evolving our bios in this way, we believe that we’re creating a flexible framework that lets your content be the star of the show more than ever. 

Tell me more…

In the same way that cocktail party-goers’ conversations bounce from topic to topic until a subject is found that the participants can connect on more deeply, our Overview is designed to allow for scanning a person’s information so that relevant connections can be discovered at a glance. By organizing these elements in a grid, your information is easier to scan, getting viewers to that deeper conversation level with you more quickly. Additionally, this gives us a framework to introduce custom layouts and further enhancements in the future.

By simplifying navigational elements, we’re reducing cognitive overhead (the mental effort it takes to understand something), providing a more intuitive experience and enabling viewers to quickly access your content. We’ve also made page design elements smaller so that your content moves more fully to the foreground, where it belongs. 

Finally, we’ve evolved page transitions to feel more like a progressive journey through your story. The animations are intended to help orient viewers more clearly, enhancing navigation.

Do you need to do anything?

Nope. Changes are being rolled out automatically to all bio holders. And don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your data or settings in the process. The transition is seamless. 

What do you think?

We’ve made these changes to give bio-holders the best, and easiest, platform to show what makes them great online. We have many other ideas (and great suggestions from many of you) that we’re excited to continue adding as soon as we can. In the meantime, I’d like to know what you think about how we’re evolving. Like it? Send a high-five. Hate it? Tell me why. Want to know more? I’m happy to share. I always want to hear about how we can better serve you, our bio-holders.


Jason Blackheart

Creative Director, Vizify

email: jason@vizify.com

twitter: @TheMrBlackheart


How do I get my Vizify bio to appear when I Google my name?

We’re pleased that for many of our users, it’s happening organically:


However, getting your Vizify bio to to the top of the heap is not something we can guarantee, since placement is determined by Google’s (and other search engines) “ranking algorithms”, which are secret and change over time.

BUT, there are ways to boost your Vizify bio in Google. 

The Vizify team has pulled together some best practices that we believe will help tip that balance in your favor. 

Before we walk you through those steps, one final note. Getting your Vizify to show up in your Google results is especially tough if you have a common name or if you share a name with a celebrity.  Sorry, Mr. Justin Bieber, MD, but we may not be able to fully help you.

Our top tips: 

1) Tip 1: Include your full name as your Vizify URL i.e. vizify.com/FirstName-LastName:


You can change your Vizify URL via the menu in the upper right: 


2) Tip 2: Include your full name in your bio header: 


3) Tip 3: Add links to your Vizify bio onto your other websites, social media profiles, and public profiles to let Google know that your bio is where to find out more about you.  Here are a few common ones:



Tip: Include your full name like Emma above. 

Your blog or other websites: 


Tip: You can find blog badges from the same menu from tip 1) above.  



4) Tip 4: Add your other websites and profiles to your Links page: 


5) Tip 5: Fill your bio with content and keep it up to date!

The more up-to-date and content rich your bio, the more likely Google will favor it.  

Tip: Look out for the update emails we send you every couple of weeks asking you to load the latest to your bio:


Note for new Vizify bio holders: It can often take up to a couple of weeks you new links show up on Google. So don’t be discouraged if your bio doesn’t show up immediately.

Questions? Drop us a line: hello(at)Vizify.coma

A huge thank you to Nathan Taggart, CEO of of Launchside for lending his expertise for this post

New scene! Plus improvements to our Twitter videos

We’ve been thrilled that so many of you have been enjoying our Twitter video creator, which turns your Twitter feed into a mini-movie of you (Haven’t made yours yet? You can make your video here).
Your feedback’s been awesome, which is why we’re so pleased to announce some awesome new things for your video:

1. New scene!

We’ve added a scene that showcases key stats like your number of tweets, retweets & favorites.

2. Easier to add recent as well as popular content.

Now, when you click on a photo or tweet scene in the editor we also display recent items as well as popular ones to choose from.

3. Drag & Drop re-arranging of scenes

In the editor you can drag & drop the tiles to rearrange the scenes in your video.

How to: Refreshing your video: 

It’s a snap to refresh your video with new scenes and content on an ongoing basis. 

Here’s how:

1. See if you’re signed in by clicking here. If you see your video editor, skip to step 3 below.

2. If you’re not signed in, you’ll be on the Twitter video home screen: https://www.vizify.com/twitter-video shown below

Click the log in link under the green button on the left (or if you don’t have a video yet, you can click the green button to get started).

3. From the Editor (Edit & Rearrange), hit the white “Refresh Content” tile to refresh your video content.

Questions? Drop us a line: hello(at)vizify.com

Meet: Tara Cox, roadside Americana enthusiast and author

1) Tell us about yourself? 
I love roadside Americana and road trip culture from mid-century. I wrote a book that will be coming out in August called Airstream: The Silver RV that celebrates the history of the trailer and how it’s become an American icon.  Oh, and I’m from Massapequa, NY…the town that brought us Jerry Seinfeld, the Baldwin brothers, Christine Jorgensen (the first person to have a sex change operation) Neil Diamond and the Stray Cats  among many others!
2) What inspired you to write the book?
A few years ago I was the editor of RVLiving, a magazine that I conceptualized and developed based on my love of the American road trip. I got deeper into the world of RVs as a result and absolutely loved it. Airstream has an extremely rich history and a truly inspiring founder. The story of the company is colorful and fun and so are the people who love this trailer.  It truly has become a icon in this country — and around the world — and that needed to be formally acknowledged. So when the book project came up a friend of mine said, “You can do this…you should do this.” And so I did and I’m very grateful to him.
3) Do you have any tips for novices considering an Airstream?
There are so many ways in to the Airstream lifestyle. Buy a new one and hit the road, find a used one and enjoy fixing it up. Companies have popped up where you can rent new or vintage Airstreams to test out the lifestyle.  There are hotels that rent Airstreams as rooms.  Some people use them as guest houses on their property, others use them as summer houses in a fixed location.  As with any hobby, there’s a lot to learn, but there are plenty of resources out there and just as many kind, helpful people.  Oh, and you also might want to pick up a copy of Airstream: The Silver RV for some inspiration.  :)
4) Lastly, how do you use your Vizify graphical bio? 
I’m using it to promote my upcoming book. I like it as a landing page to direct folks to my other social media pages.  I keep the link in my email signature, so it goes out with all business and personal correspondence

Lean more about Tara via her graphical bio. Or get your own over at Vizify.com.

Want to be featured? Fill out this short form.

Meet: Sarah Bagley


Tell us about yourself? 

I’ve been a designer for 16 years and a life-long Portlander. I’m also lucky to have a seven-year-old, because it allows me to love (LOVE!) My Little Pony.


What’s inspiring you right now? 

Read More

Meet Dr. Tobias Fünke

We’re honored the actor who could’ve been Dr House agreed to be interviewed here. 

We can’t wait to see what he’s been up to this weekend on Arrested Development.

Until then, take a gander at his graphical bio


So Tobias, what’s the latest?

Well, I recently wrapped my lips around a juicy role for ManGo Juice

Um, okay.  Tell us about your graphical bio. 

It’s a celebration of my career to date. It pairs with my new sizzle reel.image

What are these illustrations on your bio?

Artistic head shots showing my versatility. Download one to your phone from my headshot website. image

Do you have any advice for aspring actors? 

My acting coach Carl Weathers once told me: dreams are worth fighting for. Now, are you gonna be an actor, or are you gonna be a doctor?

Alright. Lastly, how can we get in touch with you? 

Email: tobias-at-vizify.com.

For interviews, please contact my publicist: Arrs-at-vizify.com

How to Tobias Fünke-fy your phone

From: Tobias Does Vizify!

Easy steps to make Tobias your phone background:

Instructions for iPhone:

1) Pick a Tobias here: https://www.vizify.com/tobias-does-vizify


2) This opens the image in a new tab:


3) Hold your finger on image until this menu appears and save the image: 


4) Go the Tobias image in your camera roll and click: 


followed by “Use as Wallpaper.” 

5) Set you crop & placement and set it as your wall paper or lock screen!




Questions? Drop Tobias a line: Tobias@vizify.com or tweet us: @Vizify

P.S. See Tobias’ Vizify bio: https://www.vizify.com/tobias-funke